Our Team

photo of our team member: Javad Ebadi

Javad Ebadi

Javad has a PhD in Physics and was the first person to initiate the Knaph project. He has always been fascinated by knowledge and had a strong desire to learn about various subjects, even though it may seem impossible in today's world. Javad views Knaph as a project that can assist people in enjoying the exploration of essential knowledge of nature and humanity.

photo of our team member: Haleh Hajizadeh

Haleh Hajizadeh

Haleh, a dedicated PhD student in Astrophysics, showcases remarkable talent for hyperrealistic painting and drawing. With a deep passion for physics, philosophy, psychology, and art, her multifaceted interests shine. As an INFJ, she understands and analyzes emotions, making valuable contributions to our graphic design, adding an artistic touch to projects.

photo of our team member: Reze Ebadi

Reze Ebadi

Reza is a PhD student and researcher at University of Maryland. He is one those rare physicists whom practices both experimental and theoretical physics. In fact, he has been awarded $250k award by Templeton Foundation for his research in the intersection of theory and experiment. Reza is making valuable contributions to our deep scientific contents.

photo of our team member: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our team is proud to include several Artificial Intelligences (AIs), including ChatGPT, who play a vital role in creating purpose-driven content for our platform. The collaborative efforts of humans and AIs like ChatGPT enable us to build an expansive Human Knowledge Graph, empowering us to deliver valuable information and experiences to our users.